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Yoga- Perishable Body Unperishable Spirit and Mind Falling In Line

The cardinal among the yoga tips, is the heresy, closer than closer, whispering from the abstruse  depths of the cosmic consciousess- the unabated oneness, our very heart. Incorporate this tip and decompose the ego, the detached entity, a barrier to health that pervades within and without. Yoga is the height of heights and depth of depths, it is house without walls , its essence is the perishable body, the unperishable spirit and the junkyard mind falling in line.

Yoga is not merely a play of breath, bodily poses and taming the flow of thoughts, its a hyper-alert awareness of existence at all its existential levels (tangible and intangible). The breath can be felt but cannot be caught; the thread of awareness bridges this intanglible entity with the tangible awareness. The subtler we go, the bells in the mind (thoughts) ringing since time immemorial can be comprehended in their incomprehensible gallop on a wayward track, going amok addressless, directionless: the onus on us to keep track of where we want to reach, holding onto the scattered bits and pieces of us. Sanity eludes and evades us, polished personalities gleaming, projecting a sane clubbing of porous diversions.

The grosser we go, the body is manifest, in all its glory, as we watch it meandering through the fanfare of the sunlit peaks of the day and sleepy-moon-gloomed doledrums of the night.  As we had tickled the figment of our unmanifest imagination, dawning upon now, streaming through the cords of perceived tangibility- "the fundamental among the yoga tips, is the heresy, closer than closer, coming from the conscious depths of the cosmic conciousess- the unabated oneness, our very heart."

Yoga is falling in line, falling in tune, with the existence the way it is, shoving off the veils of artificiality, and allowing the existence stream in in all its glory at all three levels- the body, mind and spirit. As we join hands and scamper into an uncharted domain as wide-eyed children, we will uncover the virgin innocence hidden within, which will grant us the health that is so overpowering and precursor to freedom that we all deserve as our very birth right.