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Daily Habits For Skin Care

Daily Habits For Skin Care : Skin Friendly Habits: Part 3

Redefine your everyday skincare with the below given habits, guaranteed to guard your skin against a host of confidence-denting beauty issues:


It’s a common human impulse to rub fingers over the face again and again. One does it without even knowing about it, subconsciously stimulated by a disguised habit.

If you make a conscious decision to take note of his impulsive action, you would be startled to know that how many times a day, your hands get in contact with the face.

A recent study brought out that a human being rubs his fingers on the face about three times in an hour, which continues as long as he/she is awake.

Rubbing unclean fingers on the face is the fastest and easiest means to transfer germs onto the facial skin. The only way to fight off the impulse to rub fingers on the face is to make a conscious effort to reverse the pattern.


Those white patches on your head and powdery white particles sticking to the hair strands can ruin your facial charm.

If the source of your dandruff is a bacterial or fungal infection, the falling off dandruff on the face may result in development of parches of dry and scaly skin, especially around the nose.

Moreover, your eyebrows may also develop dandruff. So, it is of utmost importance to treat the dandruff without much ado, and as long as it lasts, keep the hairs tied back or prevent them from falling over the forehead, to keep dandruff out of reach of the facial skin.

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