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Everyday Skin-Friendly Habits

Everyday Skin-Friendly Habits: Part 1

Develop a friendly relationship with your skin. Identify the situations that usher in unwelcome visitors such as dark spots and early wrinkles.

Shield Yourself From Piercing Gaze Of The Sun

UV rays from a raging sun during afternoons are the closet enemies of our skin. If you are involved in a job that requires you to stay outside for a long strict of time.

If you are a die-hard shopper who loves to explore the markets in afternoons or if you are a beach baby. Who cannot do without a volleyball session, make sure you don’t come out without extra sun protection.

Early ageing is common among people, who have had a considerable exposure to UV rays, over their life. What are the steps to provide a multiple protective shield to the skin from the harsh gaze of the sun?

A robust sunscreen comes first. Then if you can manage, find a covered spot that provides respite from direct sunlight and you may also use protective accessories like caps and hats to shield your skin.

Let The Cigarette Drop From Your Fingers

Cigarette smoking attributes to a variety of skin problems. If you have been a compulsive smoker and continue to puff, you should be aware that chronic smoking leads to an uneven complexion, under eye circles, dark spots, early appearance of wrinkles and darkening of lip color.

Smoking has also been linked to hindered blood circulation, which shows up as a dull complexion. And the hindered flow of blood renders the outer skin malnourished and dehydrated. Smoking changes the basic chemistry the epithelium; it loses its moisture content and flexibility.

If you have been a habitual smoker and are highly conscious about skin beauty, gradually drop the smoker tag.

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