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Skin Care Tips and Tricks : Skin-Friendly Habits: Part 2

Continuing with the previous post, here are a few more recommendations that will renovate your daily skin care regimen, to reward you with a blemish-free,-supple skin.


As most of us run on an unbroken streak of tight schedule nowadays. We take showers or wash our face in unconscious haste. The pressure of the clock makes us ignore our basic needs.

It’s time to slow down and see things in the revealing light. Unless we lather our face for at least two minutes and take another minute to rinse, we have not actually washed our face.

To thoroughly clean the face, proceed patiently. Assign at least three minutes to lather-scrubbing and water-rinsing for deep cleansing of the pores.


Before digging your face into a pillow, take account of current situation. If you use the same pillow for weeks at a stretch without washing it, it becomes a fertile home of anti-skin germs.

The pillow picks up all kind of stuff from our face and hair, like sweat, saliva, dandruff, dirt, etc.

If you are using the same unwashed pillow, you are putting your skin at spiked up risk of catching eczema, acne and other skin ailments.

Don’t let your unclean pillow become the prime nemesis of your skin. Wash it at least twice a week and hang it for drying in natural sunlight.

As heat and sun rays unleash a dual attack on the accumulated germs. You can be rest assured that your pillow has been disinfected. 

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