2 Extremely Common Myths About Acne!

Acne is one of the most common skin disorders in the world. Almost everyone gets this disorder. Yet, people aren’t really aware of its treatment. Added to it, there are several myths about acne in our societies, which further make treating acne even more difficult.

In this blog post, we will discuss the two most prominent myths about acne.

1. When someone gets acne, he/she starts scrubbing his/her face a number of times throughout the day. Well, before anything else I must tell you all that it is the worst thing you can do with your face while troubled with acne.

Generally, people believe that if they scrub their face, they can clear the skin’s pores, which will eradicate acne. But this is nothing more than a myth.

Instead of healing, this can enhance irritation, redness, and a lot more that you could not have expected even in your weirdest dreams.

2. Another myth is actually an interesting one. It makes me laugh every time I talk about it. There are people who believe that sweating, can cure acne.

This is the reason why they work out for hours to get sweat and don’t get away with the sweat, believing that it will heal the skin disorder. OMG! How can anyone assume that? Whatever! Let us talk about it.

There are two types of pores- sweat pore and oil pore. Acne infects oil pores, so there is no way sweat can heal it. Exercising is good for the body, but it does nothing much for the skin.

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