Unique Baby girl names starting with N (2020)

Keeping in mind that the first letter of the name is very important, we have made a list of Baby girl names starting with N. To make it easier for you to find a name for your dear baby girl.

When the baby girl is born, it is said that Lakshmi Ji is in the house. From parents to family members, everyone has no place to be happy. And everyone starts calling the newborn by their respective names.

But it is a way to show everyone’s love. The real test begins when the girl’s name search begins.

Every parent wants their beloved name to be very cute and different. Which is also easy to call and has a very good meaning.

In view of these problems, we have made a list of girls’ names starting with N. Which will make it easier for you to find your baby girl’s name. And you can choose a girl name with its meaning.

If you like any of the names in this list. So please be sure to tell us what name it is by writing it in a comment. And share this list with your friends.

List of Hindu girl names starting with N

Name Meaning of Name Gender
Nyasa Type of power, Lake Girl
Neha Rain, Love, Dew drop Girl
Neeti Moral, Motivated, Tact Girl
Neetu Beautiful Girl
Neelam Blue stone, Sapphire, Precious gem Girl
Naina Eyes, Beautiful eyes, Name of a goddess Girl
Nisha Night dream Girl
Nalini Lotus, Lake Girl
Nandini Durga, Daughter, A sacred cow Girl
Nabha Without limit, Sky Girl
Nayana A goddess, Beautiful eyes, Meek, Bowing Girl
Narmada Gandharva woman, A river originating from Amarkantak Girl
Nandita Happiness, Pleasing Girl
Nandika Happy, Happy woman, Goddess Lakshmi Girl
Namrta Sense of humility, Good behavior Girl
Nameera Holy woman, Clean water Girl
Nakusha N/A Girl
Nalika Lotus flower, Spear, A fragrant plant Girl
Nakshatra A star, Pearl Girl
Nancy A favor Girl
Nimisha Blink of an eye Girl
Namisha N/A Girl
Nagma Song, Melodious music Girl
Neelanjna Blue, With blue eyes, Lightning Girl
Neelima Blackness, Blueness Girl
Neelja Blue lotus Girl
Neela Blue Girl
Nayanlata N/A Girl
Naveeta New Girl
Nirjala Without water Girl
Natasha Children born on Christmas, Reborn, A flower Girl
Nafeesha Pure, Beautiful, Princess, Gem Girl
Natalie Princess Girl
Nirupa Order, fast, command Girl
Nirupma Unequaled, fearless, matchless Girl
Nabhya Navel Girl
Nirmita Creator Girl
Nirmiti Creation, The creation Girl
Nirmala Religious, clean, virtuous, pure Girl
Nirajna Goddess Durga, full moon night, a river Girl
Nimmy House, fire Girl
Niskha N/A Girl
Nikita Ganges, Earth Girl
Neerja Lotus flower, name of Goddess Lakshmi, pure Girl
Niyati Luck Girl
Neera Pure water, nectar, water Girl
Neena Beautiful eyes,  dear Girl
Neema Kabir’s mother, half, rich parent Girl
Neelu Diamond Girl
Niharika A cluster of stars, a drop of dew Girl
Nidhima Money and treasure Girl
Nivedita Dedicated to service, surrender Girl
Netra Eyes Girl
Nashita N/A Girl
Nutan New, fresh Girl
Nupur Jewel of womens feet Girl
Nivanshi Cute little baby Girl
Nitya Another name of Durga ji, continuously Girl
Niriksha Hope Girl
Nityashree Immortal, beauty Girl
Nidhi Wealth, fabulous Girl
Nayantara Cute, cherished, sweetheart Girl
Niketa Residence, a house, place of residence Girl
Nanda Goddess Durga, happiness Girl
Navika New Girl
Nibha Like Girl
Nimita Fixed Girl
Nilasha N/A Girl
Nora Flower, light Girl
Navyta Newness Girl
Nistha Respectful gesture Girl
Neeladri Blue mountain, mountain Girl
Neelambri Blue Sky Girl
Nithila Pearl Girl
Neelakshi Blue eyed Girl
Navya Girl
Neelanjana Girl
Nishita Girl
Nitara Girl
Nainika Girl
We hope you liked one of the Baby girl names starting with N. If you have chosen any of these names for your child, then what is that name?


Please tell us by commenting, in addition, if you want to suggest any name, then do write to us.
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