2022 ᐅ Beautiful Biblical Names For Baby Boy

Baby-names have a connotation of love, concern, and affection. Hence, a lot of parents choose names for their newly born babies with a lot of love and care.

Here are some beautiful biblical names for baby boy with meaning. You can choose any one of them for your baby boy.

All our readers out there are requested to go through the whole post so that they can find out the names they are looking for and can also suggest some more names in the comment section below.

List of biblical names for baby boy with meaning

Sl. No.NameMeaning of NameOrigin
1AabelIt means ‘breath’ and signifies the breath of GodHebrew
2AaronHigh mountain, exaltedHebrew
3AbdielServant of GodHebrew
4AbrahamFather of nationsHebrew
5AbramFather of multitudesHebrew
6AdamA man from the red earthHebrew
7AdrielGod HelperHebrew
9AmosTo carry, braveHebrew
10AndrewManly and powerfulGreek
Biblical Names For Baby Boy
11AsherHappy, BlessedHebrew
12AzrielGod is my helpHebrew
13BarnabasSon of consolationSpanish
14BenjaminA favorite sonHebrew
16CainSpear, possessedHebrew
18CalebThe devotion of the faithfulHebrew
19DanielGod is my judgeHebrew
20Dariusrich, kinglyPersian
22EbenezerStone of helpHebrew
23EmmanuelGod is with usHebrew
24EleazarGod is helperHebrew
25ElijahMy God is YahwehHebrew
26ElishaMy God is my salvationHebrew
27EphronProductive, fertileHebrew
28EsauSon of IsaacHebrew
29EthanStrong, firmHebrew
31FlixLucky, happyHebrew

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