Latest 2022 ᐅ Dhanu Rashi Baby Girl Names With Meaning

If you are looking for Dhanu Rashi Baby Girl Names then you are at the right place. In this post, we have made a list of names of the girl associated with Sagittarius. So that you do not have any problem in finding the name for your newborn baby girl.

BhavnaMental perception, imagination, affection, emotionGirl
BhagwatiGoddess Durga, intelligence and discrimination, religion, fameGirl
BhagyshreeLucky, Goddess LakshmiGirl
BhairviClassical music, Goddess DurgaGirl
BhanupriyaDarling of the sunGirl
BhanumatiFamous, beautifulGirl
BhavyaMagnificent, composed, virtuousGirl
BhartiWell dressed, IndianGirl
BhaktiPrayer, worshipGirl
BhagirathiRiver GangaGirl
BhanujaYamuna RiverGirl
BhargaviGoddess ParvatiGirl
BhavikaWell, righteousGirl
BhuvanaHaving, earthGirl

Dhanu Rashi Baby Girl Names 2022

NameMeaning of NameGender
YogaytaAbility, abilityGirl
YojnaWork outline, arrangement to do a jobGirl
YogakanyaBirth of meditation
YogavatiUnited, joined
YosnaGirl, a young woman
YositaWoman, wife
DhanshreeGoddess of wealth, a raga in classical musicGirl
DhaneshwariGoddess of Wealth, Goddess LakshmiGirl
DhraEarth, rainGirl
DharaWater flows from height, rainGirl
DhanuSagittarius, Name of a ZodiacGirl
DhanapriyaMoney loverGirl
DhanyaHappy, blessed, luckyGirl
Dhanyatablessed, good luck, fulfillmentGirl
DhanviRich womanGirl
DharaniEarth, bearerGirl
DhairyaEncourage, enduranceGirl
DhritiCourage, Steadiness, Command, Pleasure, DeterminationGirl
DhritikaEarth, SupportingGirl
DhwaniVoice, SoundGirl
NameMeaning of NameGender
FalwatiMeaningful, successfulGirl
FalguniFull moon dayGirl
FaguniFull moon dayGirl

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