Hindu baby girl names starting with U

Keeping in mind that the first letter of the name is very important, we have made a list of Hindu baby girl names starting with U. To make it easier for you to find a name for your dear baby girl.

When the baby girl is born, it is said that Lakshmi ji is in the house. From parents to family members, everyone has no place to be happy. And everyone starts calling the newborn by their respective names.

But it is a way to show everyone’s love. The real test begins when the girl’s name search begins.

Every parent wants their beloved name to be very cute and different. Which is also easy to call and has a very good meaning.

In view of these problems, we have made a list of girls names starting with U. Which will make it easier for you to find your baby girl’s name. And you can choose a girl name with its meaning.

If you like any of the names in this list. So please be sure to tell us what name it is by writing it in a comment. And share this list with your friends.

List of Hindu baby girl names starting with U

Name Meaning of Name Gender
Usha Sunrise red, morning Girl
Uttkarsha Energetic, to rise Girl
Uttara Upper, daughter of King Virat, wife of Abhimanyu Girl
Uttapati Construction Girl
Ujjwala Brilliance Girl
Utpalakshi Goddess Lakshmi Girl
Utsava Festival Girl
Utsavi Joyous celebration Girl
Uditi Rising, rising Girl
Urvashi An nymph Girl
Upeksha Indifference Girl
Upyogita Useful Girl
Unnati Prosperity, progress, dignity, ascension Girl
Unmukti Deliverance Girl
Unmesha Viewable Girl
Udipti on the fire Girl
Udantika Satisfaction Girl
Upasana Devotion, worship Girl
Uma keep quiet Girl
Umapati Shiva’s name Girl
Upma Equality Girl
Urmila Wave of passion Girl
Urmia God of light Girl
Urusha Forgiving Girl
Urusa Abundance production, giving more Girl
Uruja Born out of thigh Girl
Urja Energy, power, food, water Girl
Urmi Wave, light Girl
Urvi Friend Girl
Urvisha God of the earth Girl
Uplabdhi Ability to receive Girl
Uttejna Encouragement Girl
Utkristha Well, best Girl
Upmiti Acquired knowledge Girl
Uttkarnika Hold on Girl
Upadhi Rank, prosperity Girl
Uttarayani One direction Girl
Upasana Worship Girl
Utkantha Desire Girl
Utprerna Push on Girl
We hope you liked one of the Hindu baby girl names starting with U. If you have chosen any of these names for your child, then what is that name?


Please tell us by commenting, in addition, if you want to suggest any name, then do write to us.
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