Hindu Boys Names Starting With M

Here we have made a list of Hindu Boys Names Starting With M. And we hope you will like the name for your newborn child from this list.

How happy every parent gets on the arrival of their newborn. Everyone’s mind gets elated with its imagination.

The whole house has a festive atmosphere. All family members, relatives and acquaintances celebrate happiness, this happiness begins in the midst of this atmosphere. Search with starting letter M names for boys.

A little time and care can be taken to find the right name for a child, but it can also be very fun. In fact, it is one of the first and largest decisions made as a new parent.

Are you looking for a name that speaks of family tradition or respects cultural tradition? Or do you want your son to have a completely unique name?

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Take a look at this list to find your favorite names. And enjoy the experience of getting a name for your baby boy.

Name Meaning of Name Gender
Mohan A name of Lord Krishna, attractive, beautiful Boy
Murari Lord Shri Krishna Boy
Mukund Lord Vishnu, Ratna Boy
Maulik Valuable, precious, original, ultimate Boy
Mohnish Lord Shri Krishna Boy
Manas Extreme thoughts, brilliant, desire, humans Boy
Manav Human, young, pearl Boy
Madhavan Lord Shiva Boy
Magan Delve into Boy
Mahadev Lord Shiva Boy
Manohar Winning heart, charming, a name of Lord Shri Krishna Boy
Mokshit Free, salvation Boy
Mickey Who is like god Boy
Milan Met, eager Boy
Milind honey bee Boy
Mirage Soil of the country Boy
Mitesh With wishes Boy
Manish Master of heart, heart, pride Boy
Mahesh Name of lord shiva Boy
Madan Pleasing, intoxicating, loving, cupid Boy
Mithilesh King of Mithila, father of Goddess Sita Boy
Manoj Born in mind love Boy
Mukesh Shiva, Cupid, Lord Shiva Boy
Mayank Moon Boy
Mohit Enchanted, attracted, beautyfully Boy
Mahima Great, famous Boy
Mandeep Light of mind Boy
Manjeet The Winner Boy
Monu N/A Boy
Mahavir Lord Mahavir, courageous Boy
Mahendra Indradev, Lord Indra Boy
Mihir Sun Boy
Munish Lord Buddha Boy
Mangal Auspiciousness Boy
Mithun Couple Boy
Mukul First blossom, bud blossom Boy
Meghraj Cloud, king of clouds Boy
Mrityunjay Lord shiva, conqueror of death Boy
Mahipal A king Boy
Munesh Lord Buddha Boy
Manveer Brave, courageous Boy
Mayur Peacock Boy
Munendra N/A Boy
Maanik Rubies, gems, value Boy
Murli flute Boy
Madhav Another name of Shri Krishna ji, sweet like honey Boy
Mehul rain Boy
Mohanraj Interesting, attractive, lord krishna Boy
Manjunath Lord Shiva, Cloud Boy
Manmohan Lord krishna, pleasing Boy
Manorath Desire of mind, Desire Boy
Manuraj Lord Kubera Boy
Mata Prasad N/A Boy
Marmik Practical, impressive Boy
Maruti Lord Hanuman, one of the names of Hanuman Boy
Maanak Holy Spirit, affectionate Boy
Mandar Another name of Lord Ganesha, a divine tree, flower Boy
Mangesh Lord Shiva, God Bless Boy
Maniram Jewel of a person Boy
Mahip King, emperor Boy

We hope you liked one of the Hindu Boys Names Starting With M. If you have chosen a name for your child’s name, then what is that name?

Please tell us by commenting, in addition, if you want to suggest any name, then do write to us.

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