Home Remedies to get rid of unwanted body hair

Small hair on the body is to protect the body from dust, soil and temperature. These hair is also called Rome, but too much unwanted hair on the beautiful body can cause trouble for anyone.

Due to these hair, the color of the body also looks dull. That’s why women or men want to get rid of unwanted hair to make their body beautiful.

Cause of Unwanted Hair

Everyone has hair on their body, but on some people’s body these hair is very high. Here are the reasons for having unhealthy hair on the body.

  1. Due to lack of hormone balance in the body, there is a problem of having too much unwanted hair.
  2. Increase of androgen hormone in women.
  3. Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome can also be one of the reasons.
  4. This problem occurs even when there is a tumor on the adrenal gland.
  5. Insulin resistance etc. can be the main reason.

Use of Pumic Stone

Rub it on unwanted hair before bathing a pumic stone (a type of stone that is easily found in the market). Slowly unwanted hair will end.

Apply Gram Flour and Curd

Mix gram flour with yogurt and make paste. Put this paste on unwanted hair. After rubbing it after some time, wash the face after that. By doing so daily, unwanted hair will gradually end.

Ayurveda Method

Once you have taken this recipe, remove hair from the root. After that, make a paste by adding a little Kusumba Oil (Safflower oil) to Tanaka powder. Put a little turmeric powder in this paste. Wherever there is any unwanted hair, put it in a paste and let it dry. Then put a little safflower oil. Take this measure at night. Keep this paste all night long. Wash it in the morning. Gradually the hair will end.

(Both of the things mentioned herein, Kusuma oil and Tanaka powder, will be easily available at any Ayurvedic medicine shop)

Use a Mixture of Honey and Lemon

Prepare a mixture of honey, lemon and sugar. Warm this mixture and then apply it on hands and feet. Remove the cotton kneading sticks on this mixture. Unwanted hair will be removed.

You can also apply like this

Mix sugar and lemon juice. Applying this mixture, slowly massage the hair growth direction. Leave it for fifteen minutes. Then wash the face. Take this recipe regularly. Unwanted hair will be over.

These are also ways

  1. Threading-Threading is such a method. In which the unwanted hair is removed from the thread. This method is of little pain, but it has no reaction.
  2. Waxing – This is the most popular method of removing unwanted hair. In which the hair is removed from a special type of solution that is made of wax.
  3. Laser Technique– This technique of removing unwanted hair is expensive, but once it is removed, they get rid of them forever.

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