How to Increase Vertical Jump? Let’s Take Flight

You all must have jumped in excitement a thousand times but when it comes to athletics or some forms of dancing, jumping is a serious business where you need to learn proper ways of jumping, or else you might end up maimed.

It is important to do jumping exercises at least four or five times a week to be a good high jumper. We are here to explain a few ways through which can increase your vertical jump.

Warming is your first step to start up with the exercise. Warm up your muscles and stretch out for some time. Jog your way around and run up and down your or someone else’s staircase. If skipping is your thing, pick your jump rope and skip for a while.

Now after a good session of warm up, you can get down to jumping exercises to improve your vertical. You can do deep knee bends, deep knees bend jumps, toe raises, toe raises with weights, stomach crunches etc. Be careful while performing any of the exercises aimed at increasing vertical jump fast.

Along with this practice lifts and central exercises like pull ups, dips, bench press. Work on the overlooked muscles at the end of it all, for example shins and hip flexors.

Weight lifting techniques have to be undertaken in a safe manner, separately for both upper and lower body to increase vertical jump fast.

While following all the proper exercises and warm up techniques, do not avoid nutrition part of it because it is as important as the exercises that improve vertical jump. To know more about it, you can read further here.

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