Indications That Your Heart Might Be Unhealthy!

High blood pressure signs and symptoms are beyond self-analysis because they manifest differently in different people.

Regular feeling of shortness of breath, giddiness, chest burn or pain, drop in stamina, irritability, anger, fluctuating blood pressure, heart palpitations, etc, may be clear signs of heart disease or may as well point towards some other undiagnosed illness.

If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms on a regular basis, do consider a complete medical checkup to discover the exact cause of your maladies.

Take for example, heartburn, which is a problem existent in every second household. It is triggered by irregular eating times, unsmooth bowel movements, munching on over spicy snacks and being constantly stressed.

While one cannot rule out heartburn as heartburn itself, especially if your lifestyle invites such situations that take corrupt your digestive system.

However, regular heartburn can also be an indication of a cholesterol-clogged artery, inhibiting smooth flow of blood to heart, and thus, signaling the body that something is wrong.

So, if you are a chronic patient of heart burn, get yourself medically checked up. Identifying heart disease at an early stage will help in quick resolution of the issue with cholesterol dissolving pills, to open the blocked arteries.

Let’s take another instance. If during mildly strenuous activities, someone feels slight shortness of breath, they may take it as an indication of lack of fitness. But if one senses a bit of labored breathing even during rest, it may point towards reduced blood flow to heart.

Similarly, the daily headache, rather than being an outcome of too much stress, could be because of elevated blood pressure. In majority of cases, people fight off their headache by taking pain relieving pills, and do not know that they are suffering from blood pressure, until a physician informs them so.

As already discussed, heart disease cannot be self-diagnosed, for it is not limited to one or two symptoms, but still, it is simple to detect.

Just a short and simple ECG test coupled with a reading of blood pressure, is enough to update you about the condition of your heart. These are mandatory blood tests that should be included in the half yearly total body check-up. Seek treatment of heart disease at an early stage, and your heart will become as healthy as ever in no time.

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