Jumping Ain’t Child’s Play!

You must have heard, ‘stop jumping like a kid’. But jumping isn’t child’s play. It’s actually a big deal. There are thousands of sports persons, who day & night yearn to engender the capability to jump high, as the potential to jump high isn’t less than any boon in sports. It’s a match winning skill!

But just the experts know what the real deal to get this skill is, which has been unravelled right here.

Well, the secret is ‘five simple points’, which are mentioned below:

1. Start doing leg exercises (the most important point). When you jump, all that pressure required is exerted on your legs. Hence they must be strong enough to handle that pressure.

2. The next point may sound obvious to few people, but believe me guys; there are so many people I’ve seen by my own eyes who ignore it- wear basketball shoes. There are so many people who wear badly fitting or flat torn shoes, which resist jumping instead of letting you jump.
3. Absolute diet plan– It’s compulsory! You can never have that stamina to jump higher, until and unless you are following an authentic diet plan. All other activities are useless if you aren’t taking the right nutrients.
4. Analyze– I’d suggest you to divide the process of jumping into small parts, so that you can thoroughly analyze every single move.

5. Focus– Stay focused while you jump. Keep a track of every small move.

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