Latest 2022 ᐅ Meen Rashi Baby Girl Names With Meaning

If you are searching for Meen Rashi Baby Girl Names then you are at the right place. In this post, we have made a list of names of the girl associated with Pisces. So that you do not have any problem in finding the name for your newborn baby girl.

NameMeaning of NameGender
ChanchalNaughty, playful, activeGirl
ChandrajaDaughter of lord moonGirl
ChitralekhaA beautiful pictureGirl
ChitrarekhaArtwork, pictures, artist’s impressionsGirl
ChitrangadaOne of arjun’s wivesGirl
ChitramalaSeries of picturesGirl
NameMeaning of NameGender
ChitraPainting, magnificent, a constellation, heavenGirl
ChitraliPainting, the art of drawingGirl
ChitramayaA mythGirl
ChirantnaLong lifeGirl
CharuPleasant, loving, cherishedGirl
CharutaBeauty, beautiful maidenGirl
CharumatiBeautiful intelligenceGirl
CharulataBeautiful creeperGirl
ChandniMoon light, a riverGirl
NameMeaning of NameGender
DeeptiBeauty, glowGirl
DeepikaLight, lampGirl
DishaThe directionGirl
DeekshitaRight pathGirl
DaminiVictorious, lightningGirl
DeveenaBlessings, god’s eyes, goddess-likeGirl
DivyankaThe divineGirl
DivyshreeSpiritual light, pure light, source of knowledge, divineGirl
DevyaniLike Goddess, serving the godsGirl
Diyashiny personality
DeepanjaliWorship offered by the light
DeepaliLine of lamps, collection of lamps
DitiDaughter of King Daksha Prajapati
DeeptaGoddess Lakshmi, to rise
DishiThe direction

Meen Rashi Baby Girl Names 2022

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