Mesh Rashi Baby Girl Names With Meaning

Looking for (Aries) Mesh Rashi Baby Girl Names With Meaning? then you are at the right place. In this post, we have made a list of names of girls associated with Aries. So that you do not face any problem in finding the name for your baby girl.

AbhigyaKnowledgeable, intelligent, expert
AchalaEarth, Steady, Mountains
AditiMother of Gods, daughter of Daksha
AnkitaEmblem, a seal, conquered
AjantaFamous Buddhist cave
Alisha Guarded by god
AmbuLove kindness
AlpanaBeautiful, decorative
AlkaDiamond, beautiful hair girl
AmbikaGoddess Parvati
AmitaGreat, unlimited, boundless
AnamikaWithout a name, virtuous
AvantikaPolite, infinite, ancient Malwa
AhilaKnowledgeable, worldly
AnanyaNice, beautiful star, matchless
ArunaFertile, passionate
ArchitaWho is worshiped
ChanchalNaughty, Playful, Active
ChandrajaDaughter of lord moon
ChitralekhaA beautiful picture
ChitrarekhaArtwork, pictures, artist’s impressions
ChitraniColor gesture
ChitrangadaOne of Arjun’s wives
ChitramalaSeries of pictures
ChitraPainting, Magnificent, a constellation, heaven
ChitraliPainting, the art of drawing
ChitramayaA myth
ChirantnaLong life
ChetnaThe power, Power, the realization of intelligence and truth
ChestaWish to try
CharuPleasant, Loving, Cherished
CharutaBeauty, Beautiful maiden
CharumatiBeautiful intelligence
Mesh Rashi Baby Girl Names With Meaning

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