75 + Cute & Unique Short Names For Boys With Meaning

Looking for a unique and short name for the baby boy? Here we have made a list of more than 75 short names for boys. Along with their meanings are also given. Go through this list and choose a cool name for your little baby.


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Full List of Short Names for Boys With Meaning

ArthMeaning, Like an EagleBoyHindu
AnshParts, Portion, A little parts of thingsBoyHindu
AbhiFearless, Brave, Better the bestBoyHindu
AviFriendly, please, protectorBoyHindu
AryaHonored, greatBoyHindu
AnshuThe Sun, SunbeamBoyHindu
AandiLord MuruganBoyHindu
AadiImportant, The BeginningBoyHindu
AayuLife spanBoyHindu
AshuLord ShivaBoyHindu
AadIn the beginningBoyHindu
AaryaWorthy, honorable, greatBoyHindu
BadriLord VishnuBoyHindu
BaliName of Sugriva’s elder brother, BanarajBoyHindu
Short Names For Boys
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BankeLord KrishnaBoyHindu
BansiFlute, melodiousBoyHindu
BrajThe holy land of BrajBoyHindu
BhimPowerful, elderBoyHindu
BhanuSun, A ray of lightBoyHindu
ChakraWheel, a symbol of the sunBoyHindu
DakshTalented, capable, fire, Lord BrahmaBoyHindu
DevGod, Divine, lightBoyHindu
DeepA Lamp, lightBoyHindu
DarshWorth seeingBoyHindu
DevanshPart of god, KingBoyHindu
DhairyaTolerance, endurance, self-control, stabilityBoyHindu
DhruvOne star, fixed, infiniteBoyHindu
DharmWay of life, religiousBoyHindu
DheerFirm, sober, calmBoyHindu
GarvEgoism, PowerBoyHindu
IndraKing of Gods, god of atmosphere and sky, king of heavenBoyHindu
JaiWinner, like a fluteBoyHindu
JeetuEver victoriousBoyHindu
KrishAbbreviations of Krishna GodBoyHindu
KushName of a son of Lord RamaBoyHindu
KarmaAction or activity, luckBoyHindu
LoveSon of Lord Rama, loveBoyHindu
NeelThe championBoyHindu
NakshThe Moon, A drawingBoyHindu
Short names for boys 2021
OmCreation of life, essenceBoyHindu
ParthPrince, son of earth, CharioteerBoyHindu
ParvStrong, festivalBoyHindu
RajClean, king, kingdomBoyHindu
RaghuSharp, a family of Lord RamachandraBoyHindu
RamLord RamachandraBoyHindu
RadheKarna, son of RadhaBoyHindu
RaviSun, fire, expert, Ashoka tree, son of DhritarashtraBoyHindu

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