Stop Blaming You Kids For Something They Can’t Do!

I don’t know what is wrong with the parent of this so called ‘enlightened times’. Why every parent wants their kids to be genius. Don’t they understand that every kid can’t be made Einstein?

Stop scratching you foreheads!

I am not being philosophical! I am here to discuss a very serious issue- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

This is a biological disorder which does not let an individual to focus. This is most prominently found in kids. Inability to concentrate on what is being told and committing slipshod mistakes are the two conventional symptoms of this disorder.

This is the least accepted disorder in our civilized society. Now you must be wonder why I said ‘least accepted’, as no disorder is accepted in society.

Well, with that I meant to say that when someone suffers from a disorder, others acknowledge it and cooperate with him/her. But when any kid suffers from this disorder, rarely anyone trusts that kid.

More than often people assume that inability to concentrate as some excuse. They keep pushing that kid to do what he/she is not really able to. Rather than cooperating with that kid, they push that kid to extreme, which may lead to disastrous consequences.

Please don’t do that! Cooperate with that kid. Better take him to some medical practitioner and do what he (the doctor) says, if you really want your kid to be fine.

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