Unique Tula Rashi Baby Boy Names With Meaning 2022

If you are looking for Tula Rashi Baby Boy Names then you are at the right place. In this post, we have made a list of names of the boy associated with Libra. So that you do not have any problem in finding the name for your newborn baby.

NameMeaning of NameGender
RajClean, king, kingdomBoy
RajeshLord of kings, emperorBoy
RaghuSharp, a family of Lord RamachandraBoy
RaghuveerA name of Lord Ramachandra, the heroic descendant of RaghukulBoy
RaghurajA name of Lord Ramachandra, the heroic descendant of RaghukulBoy
RaghupatiShri Ramchandra Ji, lord of RaghukulBoy
RaghunathShri Ramchandra Ji, lord of RaghukulBoy
RamMr. RamchandraBoy
RameshwarLord Shiva, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas on the seashore in South IndiaBoy
RachitDesign, innovation, creation, formBoy
RadheKarna, son of RadhaBoy
RadheshyamShree Krishna and RadhaBoy
RakeshLord of the night, moonBoy
RajdeepBest of kingBoy
RameshLord Vishnu, the preserver protecting against any dangerBoy
RiteshLord of truth, traditionBoy
RanjanPleasant, coloring, happy mindBoy
RaviSun, fire, expert, Ashoka tree, son of DhritarashtraBoy
RavindraLord of the sun, the sun godBoy
RohanAnother name of Lord Vishnu, heaven, risingBoy
Tula Rashi Baby Boy Names
RohitRed, blood, sun, ornamentBoy
Rehan Aromatic plant, king, sweet basilBoy
RajeevBlue lotusBoy
RahulAttachment, son of Buddha, capable, skilledBoy
RaghavLord Rama, descendant of RaghuBoy
RamanujaRam’s younger brotherBoy
Ram DuttLord Rama’s blessings, the charming, supreme soulBoy
RavishWish, love, sunBoy
RaveeshWish, love, sunBoy
Ravi KiranSun, sunrayBoy
Ravi KishanDusky, Lord Shri Krishna, SuryaBoy
RiturajKing of seasonsBoy
RakshitGuarded, ProtectorBoy
RatneshKubera lord, king of jewelsBoy
RajneeshMoon, god of night, king of godsBoy
RatanJewel, gem, precious stoneBoy
RatnakarMine of Jewels, Sea, Lord KuberaBoy
RandeepWar heroes, modern, creative, changeableBoy
RajdevGod, LordBoy
RavneetMorality like the sun, the sunBoy
Ratan PrakashN/ABoy
RandhirBrave, warrior, lightBoy
RanganathLord of colors, lord of godBoy
Ripudamandestroyer of enemiesBoy
RiddhimanGod’s blessingBoy
RudraLord Shiva, Berry PlantBoy
RaunakPride and Glory, Happiness, LightBoy
Ravindralord sunBoy
Roshanlight, bright, illuminating, brilliantBoy
Ratangold, precious stone, jewelBoy
Ranjitvictorious in battleBoy
Ramitnice, cuteBoy
Rasheelgood messengerBoy
Rajveerhero of the country, brave kingBoy
ReyanGod’s blessingBoy
ReyanshThe first ray of the sun, part of Lord VishnuBoy
Ranvijayvictorious in battleBoy
Rajatsovereignty, silver metalBoy
RamanPleasing, Beloved, CupidBoy
RamLord Rama, Charming, Rama was the mythological seventh incarnation.Boy
RamchandraLord Rama Boy
RaghavanA descendant of RaghuvamsaBoy
RaghavendraLord Rama Boy
RaghubirLord Rama, Brave descendent of Raghu, One of many names of Lord RamaBoy
RaghuramLord Rama Boy
RaghuvarBeloved of Lord RamaaBoy
Raj KiranKing of SunraysBoy
RajagopalOne of the names of Lord VishnuBoy

Tula Rashi Baby Boy Names 2022

NameMeaning of NameGender
TanishqPrecious, jewel, dearBoy
TanmayAn inspiration, absorbed, engrossedBoy
TanujSon, body bornBoy
TarunTender, young, tenderBoy
TarpanRefreshing, To give arghya, delightfulBoy
TilakCommentary, auspicious, a flowering treeBoy
TrilokThe three worlds Heaven, EarthBoy
TulsiA sacred plant, a sacred leaf considered sacred, unmatched, an incarnation of MahalakshmiBoy
TusharWinter, water drops, God, heroesBoy
TejendraSun godBoy
TakshaStrong, kingBoy
TejasBrilliance, shine, the sharp edge of a knife, self brilliance, fireBoy
TapanHeat, god sunBoy
Takshilstrong characterBoy
TanishLord Shiva, beautiful, jewel, ambitionBoy
TapasAusterity, enthusiasm, heat, another name of fireBoy
TanveerRays of lightBoy
TilakCommentary, auspicious, a flowering treeBoy
TriptSatisfaction, satisfiedBoy
TanushLord GaneshaBoy
TapasPenance, fire, meditationBoy
TarutraVictorious, betterBoy
TeerthPlace of pilgrimage, holy placeBoy

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