Vrishabha Rashi Baby Boy Names With Meaning

If you are looking for vrishabha rashi baby boy names with meaning. Then you are at the right place.

In this post, we have made a list of the names of boys associated with vrishabha (Taurus). So that you do not face any problem in finding the name of your baby boy.

BasantSpring, a season
BrijeshLiving in Braj Bhoomi
BuntyTender, a popular surname
BinodFull of humor, fun, happy
BadriLord Vishnu
BajrangLord Hanuman
BajrangiLord Hanuman
BadalLater, Cloud
BaldevDevata in power, Balarama
BalwantMighty, lord hanuman, power
BalakrishnaBal krishna
BalwanThe powerful
BasdevThe fire
BalagopalBaby krishna
BalachandraYoung moon
BalamohanWhich is attractive
BanbihariLord Krishna
BanwariLord Krishna
BirjuThe powerful
BirendraKing of warriors
BuddhadevWise man, Gautam Buddha
IvaanRuler, sun, decent
ItishLike god
IshmeetFriend of god
IshayuThe mighty
IshaanRuler, Fire and Sun, Lord Bholenath
IreshAnother name for Ganesh ji and Vishnu ji
IndrajeetConqueror of indra, indradev
Indraneellike blue
IndreshBest warrior, elders of Pandavas
IndratapPenance of Indra
IndrabalWith the help of
IndravajraThunderbolt of Indra
Indu KantMoon lover
IndrabhutiImage of Lord Indra
IndraduttGift of Indra
OmCreation of life, essence
OmkarSound of holy words
OmkareshwarLord Shiva, Lord of Om
OmpatiLord of om
Om PrakashOm’s light, Lord Shiva’s name
OmswaroopManifestation of divinity
OmkarnathGod of Omkar, Lord Shiva
OmeshwarGod of Onkar
OmanshThe holy symbol of om
OmeshLord of om
OmkaraSound of the holy syllable, that which is the form of Om
OmkrishLord Krishna
UjjagarBright, reveal, illuminate
UjendraThe winner
UgreshLord Shiva
UjjwalLight, clean, white, radiant
UjjanAn ancient Indian city
UttamBest, best in qualities
UtsahCourage, powerful, energetic
UdayAscending, prosperity, rising of the sun
UddhavElevating, festival, happiness, a friend of Lord Krishna
UpkaarFavor, Kindness, Jewelry
UpdeshKnowledge, speech
UdhyamThe action
UpendraAnother name for Vishnu
UmeshShiva’s name
Uday RajRising King, Lord of the Stars
VishalBig, Gorgeous, Fantastic, Amazing
VinayMinor, following rules
VikrantBrave warrior, Victorious, Majestic
VivekThe power of thinking or understanding, pride, discrimination
VirendraHeroic, superior, leader of heroes
VinodFull of humor
VaibhavProsperity, lucky, intelligence
VineetTrained with humility
VinayakGanesha, the hero of Ganas, the foremost deity
ViratExtremely large
VirajGlorious, Ruler, Largest in Brahmin, King, Transplant
VarunA god who is considered the lord of water, the lord of the west
VedantaProficient in Hindu philosophy, Vedas, scriptures
VishnuProtector of the world
VipulLarge, Wide, Many
VeerWarrior, brave, adventurer
VimleshGod of Purity, Pure, Vimal
VisheshExtraordinary, limited, specific
Ved PrakashLight of Vedas, the light of Vedic knowledge
VibhuOmnipresent, another name for Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and Buddha
VishwajeetWorld conqueror
VijayendraVictorious, lord of bravery
VeerpalBrave, guard
VyasMonk, a great sage, seclusion
VyomSky, universe
ViyaanSpecialized knowledge
VividhMany, unique, knowledgeable, various
VivanSunray, Krishna god
ViteshGod of wealth
VarunA god who is considered the lord of water, the lord of the west
VidhaanRules, law, system

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