Why Me With Yeast Infection?

This question should have often popped up in your mind, especially when it burns during urination or sex. That itching, soreness and pain becomes more and more excruciating if you don’t treat the disease at time.

It is not just you who is suffering from vaginal or penile yeast infection. This is common disease among people, which is caused by the overgrowth of yeast in any body part. Now, the most common question is what causes yeast infection and how one can protect one’s self?

There are various things, which can lead to yeast infection such as menstruation, use of antibiotics, pregnancy and use of contraceptives etc. Now, you may be thinking how it all can lead to yeast infection.

Actually, all of these change hormone level in the body. As a result, vaginal environment is changed and fungus grows and prospers.

What else can enhance the growth of fungus? There are several other things as well- poor diet; too often bubble baths; diabetes; use of condoms with spermicide etc etc.

Now, see how one can protect one’s self from this disease? Prevention is much much better than cure so I advise you to follow the below mentioned tips before you go for treatments for vaginal yeast infection-

Keep your private area dry. If it is dry then fungus will not be able to grow fast. Secondly, practice safe sex. Don’t wear tight panties and tight jeans etc. Have a balanced diet. See your doc on regular basis during pregnancy so you and your unborn baby are safe.

And if yeast infection has already attacked you, here are the best cures and home remedies for it.

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