1, 2 & 3- OMG! It is high blood pressure!

Before anything else, I must tell you all that does ‘high blood pressure’ actually mean. When our heart pumps blood, it exerts pressure on the walls of arteries. When that pressure is more than normal, it is high BP.

In this blog post, we will discuss three points (which are actually biological health issues) that are major symptoms of high blood pressure.

1. Blurred vision- Vision is indeed one of the most important functioning of our body. If that is disturbed by even an ounce, our overall working gets affected a lot. This high BP has a direct effect on the ability to see. It makes our vision blurred.

2. Fatigue- If you start feeling too tired to do anything (actually unable to do anything), without any hard work (work that requires a lot of physical strength), then it means it is not merely fatigue, but high blood pressure.

3. Chest pain- This is another important symptom of hypertension that cannot be ignored at all. If you are consistently experiencing chest pain, then get yourself checked, as it may be nothing else but ‘high BP’.

These three points are actually the ‘yes/no’ signs of high blood pressure. If you (or any of your known) aren’t facing these three means you (he/she) are absolutely away from hypertension.

But if you have these three, then it is better if you rush to some high BP specialist doctor and get your treatment started as soon as possible.

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