5 Foods That May Help Control urine Infection Problems

Due to the wrong diet and lifestyle, many people especially girls are suffering from urine infection problems. Its main symptoms are pain, burning sensation, nausea, and fever along with frequent urination.

Due to this, unbearable pain is also encountered on the lower part of the body. Also, if there is no alert to it early, the risk of a serious problem may increase.

To avoid this and to get relief some changes in your diet or say that healthy things need to be included. So let us tell you about such superfoods, by consuming them you will get relief from this problem soon.

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Gourd juice

Often people do not like to eat gourd. But when it comes to the nutrients present in it, it has vitamins, calcium, iron, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties. So drinking gourd juice regularly gives relief from infection in the urine.

Pomegranate peel

Her peels along with pomegranate are also very beneficial. The vitamins, iron, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial properties present in it helps in relieving the problem of urine infarction.

For this, take out the pomegranate peels and wash them well. ‌ Then put the peels in a mixie and make a paste. Mixing 2-3 drops of honey in the prepared mixture and taking it daily is beneficial.

Celery and dry ginger

To avoid this problem and get relief, it is very beneficial to take dry ginger and celery. For this, grind celery, fenugreek seeds, and dry ginger in equal quantity in a grinder. Take the prepared mixture daily by mixing it with a little honey.

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds contain more nutrients like iron, potassium, fiber, etc. It helps in improving health and relieving the problem of urine infection. For this, put some fenugreek seeds in water and soak them overnight. Take it on an empty stomach in the morning.

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Sesame and jaggery

Troubled girls should eat jaggery in sesame every day. It is rich in calcium, vitamin, iron, fiber, etc. It helps in relieving urine infections.

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