8 good habits for a healthy life

First happiness healthy body If you adopt this mantra Good Habits for Daily Life in your life then it will be very helpful to stay healthy.

* Be sure to sleep for 8 hours. On the brain, the brain prompts the body to secrete such hormones. Those who reduce the chances of diseases, balance appetite, increase disease resistance and improve memory.

* Drink 7 glasses of water. This habit will keep the brain strong, maintain moisture in the skin. Water is beneficial for body insides and immune systems.

* Make daily meditation for 6 minutes. It has physical benefits as well as physical benefits. This tension is helpful in reducing depression and increasing concentration.

* Eat fruits and vegetables 5 times. There are plenty of vitamins and minerals that keep you healthy and during day-to-day refreshments.

* 4 breaks for stretching and mental rest. Stretching keeps the body flexible. It provides muscle comfort and blood flow smoothly.

* Have 3 meals and nutritional snacks. This keeps the hunger balanced and the weight is controlled. The body’s metabolism is helpful in keeping it smooth.

* Stop using the phone 2 hours ago (by sleeping). The blue light emanating from the smartphone keeps the lights up, causing the body’s clock balance to deteriorate.

* Keep 1 session exercise. Regular exercise is helpful in keeping the body healthy and protecting from diseases.

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