Acne Scar Causes, Major Catalysts For Severe Acne!

Both ‘within hands’ and ‘uncontrollable’ factors might lead to appearance of mirror-cracking colonies of pimples. Today we will try to have an up-close look at the three elusive culprits behind acne eruptions.

Acne Scar Causes : Now onwards, you can be a skin expert, equipped with the essential know-how to identify things that worsen or provide respite from acne attacks.

Overcharged Glands!

At certain reactive intervals in our lives such as teenage, menopause and pregnancy. The body goes through a hormonal shift.

When over-secretion of sebum takes place over hormonal shifts, our skin becomes a hospitable location for germs. The original purpose of sebum is to sustain the smoothness of skin, but too much of anything is bad.  

Skin-shielding measures such as avoidance of oily snacks and over-exposure to humid environments can help us safely glide over such body-transforming periods.

If acne inhabits your skin during humid summers, dedicated air conditioning will help stabilize the condition.

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Trapping of Harmful Substances

The different processes that clear off the toxins from our body are a healthy rate of blood circulation.  Regular exercise, adequate water intake, an organic diet and daily decaffeination.

When we remain constipated, drink less water or lead a sedentary life, the rate of toxin removal slows down. Which that may invite uninvited acne attacks.

Proactive intervention to improve the eating habits, relax the stomach and developing a regular exercise schedule impede further build up of toxins.

A body burdened with harmful substances not only becomes a hot-spot for bacterial invasions, but also feels lethargic daylong.

Our Genetic MakeUp

Our genes dominate our skin structure, which explains why some people are so lucky.  That can do anything that encourages acne and still remain blemish free without moving a muscle.

The genetically-betrayed persons with more oily skin around their nose, neck, forehead, etc, are more prone to boils.

But they can turn the luck in their favor by following the just discussed steps that assure relief from a host of skin problems.

Oily skin needs special care and we’ll share some special tips on how to keep oil glands under check in the coming post. Be prepared to deal a telling blow to acne and clear off those annoying blemishes.

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