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Though we are writing from a long time about acne scars, yet there is lot of things, which haven’t discussed yet, or can be said that they have been hidden from us till now.

Well what I believe is… better late than never. You must have known about it, no doubt we haven’t discussed it earlier. But now we are going to touch all those undiscussed chapters, we had left behind.

Firstly, if you have this problem, I mean acne problem you are very well aware about what it actually is.

Still if there is someone who is not familiar to acne. So they can know now. Acne is a disorder of the skin which can be characterized by blackheads, whiteheads, pimples or any sort of scars and it can be seen on face in most cases. But it can be found over shoulders, back, neck, chest or so on.

The start up of acne appears with hair follicles including oil-secreting glands. Normally what happens… oil releases from these glands and come on the surface of the skin from pores.

Because of increasing sebum enlarges sebaceous glands and result comes in the form of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.

Acne scars can be seen most of the people. As it is thought that usually it has been seen in teenagers only. But that is not true as these days. Adult acne is more common than teenager ones and it is affecting 95% population that too in their adulthood.

Now after having vast knowledge let’s have turn to the causes of acne. Yes that is highly important as if you are not aware about causes, how can you measure the intensity and seriousness of your disease. More over the cure is not possible without knowing the cause. So let’s have a look even a detail look over the causes of acne.

There are many wrong assumptions about acne, as people merely assume some facts. Causes acne, and the funny thing is those are not really cause acne scars, let me clear your doubted acne causes once.

Eatable doesn’t cause acne

Yup, its true that fried food, or any type of sweets or chocolates are not cause acne scars, thought it is not healthy, but is not responsible for production of acne in any way.

Acne Can’t be Washed

Usually people get too desperate with acne that they start scrubbing or washing their face twice thrice or more, so better for your knowledge that it doesn’t effect in curing your scars but it will surely irritate skin.


If you think, that these scars are contagious and can enter by any random one’s approach then you’re totally wrong, as it can’t be adopted in this way. Certainly it can come in you through your parents, but not from any random unknown one.

Stop Squeezing Pimples

Well, probably your pimples or acne problem is irritating, and for its result you use to scrub your pimple, then do remind this thing that it can cause scarring and increasing the time to clearing off the acne problem.

Don’t medicate Acne By Your Own

Yes, it is highly advisory that to cure acne you should consult. Some qualified dermatologist or any doctor, because it’s a medical problem and can be sorted out only by a medical qualified doctor not by yourself.

So here we have almost cleared all your misleading assumptions, and now you can see, from long how your have been moving on wrong direction. We are glad that we have got this chance to wash out all wrong assumptions from your life about acne.

Now, let’s have a look on real major causes of acne, and after treating them you can easily get rid of these horrible scary scars in meantime.

1. Hormones

In ordinary words, acne is considered to be a hormonal disease. As hormones are caused of maturation of the oil glands in skin. Usually in our life time, many a time hormones get imbalanced as puberty, pregnancy, menopause and many other time depends person to person.

In scientific words, it can be said that these scars can effectuate by androgen’s, male hormones found in both men and women.

Usually this type of acne has been seen among women because of their natural circle, like menstruation, pregnancy and menopause, and for this, doctors recommend low-dose birth control pills or androgen receptor blockers.

2. Diet

For producing acne, diet is not that major cause. But certainly some kind of food really affect increasing these scars.

Food directly effect on body’s insulin level and all hormones really attach to it, including androgen’s. That is we have already cleared that hormonal fluctuation in androgen levels can cause in acne rise up.

So it is better to have right food. For this purpose better to eat fruits, veggies, seafood, grass-fed meat etc, as it stabilize the insulin level.

3. Stress

The most stubborn cause of acne in today’s time is stress, yes, taking too much stress can produce acne. Stress can weaken the walls of pores and sometimes can break them too. When it occurs body gets redness around the damaged pores.

Sometimes when stress experiences, get increased and high level of androgen’s can result acne.

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