Pregnancy Symptoms : 8 Signs Of Pregnancy

How To Know If You’re Expecting? Pregnancy is something every woman is desires to know about.

Some of them want to know about it so that they can prevent it, whereas others are so excited about being a mother that they want to know it as soon as possible.

No matter what the reason is, every woman wants to know about it!

So here we are with this blog post, which will let you know about the 8 most important Pregnancy Symptoms to know if you are pregnant.

1. Missed periods– If you’re pregnant you’ll miss your periods.

2. Nausea and vomiting– These two come together and have been used a sign board to know if some is pregnant.

3. Changes in breasts- It has been seen that during early pregnancy, women feel pain in their breasts. Hey may also feel as if their breasts are growing (which actually happens).

4. Frequent urination– Another tried and trusted sign to know if you’re pregnant.

5. Stretch marks– Stretch marks are one of the most common Pregnancy Symptoms.

6. Tiredness- You’ll start feeling tired very frequently.

7. Backache and headache– If you’re pregnant, you may frequently get headache/backache.

8. Areolas– During pregnancy, the color of skin around your nipples will get darker.

These 8 are the most commonly known signs to know if you’re pregnant. Yet, I won’t suggest depending on any one.

If you find one sign positive, try to look for the others. If they doo turn out to be positive, then you’re pregnant.

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