If you’re experiencing this, then yes-You’re Pregnant!

Pregnancy, the most awaited time of any women’s life is also the time when she need most of care and love. But how to know if you or your beloved is pregnant. Well, not to worry. In this blog post, we will have a look at few most prominent signs of pregnancy.


It is one of the most commonly experienced signs of pregnancy. Nausea, which is traditionally known as ‘morning sickness’ is felt throughout the day and can continue for several months of pregnancy.

Abdominal bloat

In pregnancy, bloating of abdomen starts and gradually increases since the very first month. This is the reason why women often start complaining about tightening of their cloths.


While in pregnancy, women often feel tenderness in their breast. They may also feel pain in their breast, which may seem resembling the pain they experience during periods, but actually it is lot more intense than that.


When your spouse comes and tell you that she missed the periods this time, you better know she is pregnant (though it could be something else also, but prominently missing of periods mean pregnancy).

These four signs are the ones that almost every woman experiences while in pregnancy. If you or your dear beloved is experiencing any of these, the start caring her more than you do and get immediately consult some maternity specialist doctor.

Rise Out Of Misconception About Pregnancy

Many people usually assume that they know all about pregnancy and in this way.  Sometimes they keep moving with wrong presumption unknowingly.

I am not saying that every time, they use to assume in wrong way. But in some cases, it happens for sure. So better to know it correctly and update your knowledge in a right way.

So that there would be no place for any kind of misconception about pregnancy as it is highly important issue where no misconception can work.

That’s very true that the signs are very easy to reckon the early pregnancy, especially in the cases of second or further pregnancy. However, it is not a bit matter the times you get pregnant and every time the signs and symptoms will be same as earlier.

For instance, during your one pregnancy period you may experience huge breast pain, or sometime you feel tired or vomiting, but it’s not necessary that every time you will feel in the same way.

In this way, the concept of pregnancy is purely clear that each time you will reproduce newborn and each time the symptoms will be different.

Still, there are some signs which can make you sure while pregnancy such as in early pregnancy, if you feel some stiffness or swallow around breast or at nipples, that is a sure sign of pregnancy.

It is due to the fact that breast are automatically undergoing variation to be ready for breastfeeding and it starts because of the expanding production of hormones estrogen and progesterone which grows at the time of first pregnancy and which is why particularly in first pregnancy nipples or breast often causes intense pain.

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