Ananya meaning, zodiac, auspicious number

Ananya is a very cute name, you are naming your beloved as Ananya, so you can know all the information related to this name such as the Ananya meaning, what is her zodiac, and auspicious number.

Ananya meaningNice, beautiful star, matchless
ZodiacAries (Mesh Rashi)
Auspicious ColorYellow, White, Red
Auspicious GemstoneA Coral Gem

What is the Ananya Meaning?

Ananya is the name of a Hindu girl, the name Ananya meaning in English (Nice, beautiful star, matchless)

What is the personality of Ananya?

The zodiac of this name is Aries and the people of Aries zodiac are very ambitious, courageous and possessive nature. They are always eager to learn something new. They are not afraid of trouble.

The girls whose name is Ananya are always energetic. Girls of this name are often ready to do something new. They like to face challenges. Women of this name are very arrogant and of strong nature. It does not make any kind of agreement in terms of money.

What is the quality of girls named Ananya?

Girls with this name are very generous-hearted, ambitious and optimistic. They do not lack courage. Courage is their greatest strength.

What are the weaknesses of girls named Ananya?

They do not quickly trust the advice given by others. And in some cases are very stubborn. Due to which they may have to bear loss many times.

What is the lucky number for Ananya?

The lucky number of name Ananya is 9. People with this number have the courage to face every difficulty. These people are mentally very healthy.

Women of this name have to work very hard to start any new work. But there are successes. Women with the auspicious number 9 have the ability to lead. They believe in both friendship and enmity strongly.

Which is the auspicious gem for the name Ananya?

Coral gemstone is suitable for this name. The red Sinduri colored coral represents Mars. 8 Ratti coral should be worn on Tuesday in Mrigashira, Chitra or Dhanishtha Nakshatra or wearing Capricorn Moon Carpet.

Which is better to wear in a ring of gold or copper with the mantra “Om Bhaumay Namah” on the middle finger, coral is very beneficial for blood disorders, malaise, and physical infirmity.

Remember that gems do not benefit everyone. Wearing them many times can also cause harm. Therefore, you must consult once with the knowledge of good gems. Wear the gemstone only after his guidance.

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