40 Unique & Trendy Names For Bengali Girls With Meaning

In today’s post, we have brought for you a list of Unique & Trendy names for Bengali girls and the meanings of those names which you will like very much, so let’s have a look at this list of Bengali girls names.

40 Unique & Trendy Names for Bengali Girls

NameName Meaning
AaradhyaWorshipped, God Blessing
ArunimaGlow of Dawn
ApekshaBeing Passionate
AdritaThe Sun
AdvikaOne Who is Unique
AhanaFirst Ray of the Sun
ChaitaliOwner of Sharp Memory
JhanviThe River Ganga, Wise
MishitaGood Nature, A Sweet Person
MisthiLovable Person
NanditaHappy, cheerful
Trendy names for Bengali girls
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Bengali Baby Girl Names
NaishaA Special or Lovely Flower
NeethikaTrustworthy, Honest
PrakrutiGoddess Lakshmi, Nature
PakhiA Beautiful Bird
PrishaGod’s Gift, Loving
PriyamvadaOne who Speaks Sweetly
RishitaThe Best Saintly Learned
RianshikaMost Valuable
RithikaA Small River Stream
RonikaTrue Image
RiparnaLeaf of a Sacred Bael
RupriyaBeautiful, Pretty
SagarikaBorn in the Ocean, Wave
ShreyaGoddess Lakshmi, Beauty, Another name of Saraswati
SuraviSacred, The Sun
SushmitaGod Smile
TamannaHope, Desire
VidyutaLightning, Thunderous

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