Unique Baby Boy Names Inspired By Lord Krishna 2022

Every parent wants their newborn baby name to be associated with God’s name. So we have made a list of baby boy names inspired by Lord Krishna. Before that, Lord comes to know about Lord Krishna briefly.

Lord Shri Krishna is one of the popular deities in Hinduism. He was born on earth as the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

He is known for his playful nature, friendship, love, and naughtiness. His child form is very popular and inspiring. Therefore, many parents want to name their children after taking inspiration from their names.

So let’s know about the names inspired by the name of Lord Krishna, which you will definitely like. If you like any of the names in this list, then share this list.

List of baby boy names inspired by Lord Krishna

KrishnaDark skinned, Lord Krishna, Name of a river in India
DevkinandanSon of Devki
GopalKrishna, cowherd
GovindaCow, nature, lover of the land
Kamal NathLord of goddess Lakshmi
PunyaPure personality
SanatanNever-ending, Permanent
VasudevLiving everywhere
AnayaWithout a superior

AnishGood Companion
AchyutThe infallible lord or the one who has never made a mistake
AdidevThe Lord of the Lords, Supreme God
HariGod of nature
DayanidhiMerciful to all
Anand SagarBenevolent
AnantjeetAlways victorious
baby boy names inspired by Lord Krishna
AnantaEndless god
AjanmaWhose power is limitless and infinite
Bal GopalChild form of Lord Krishna
DanvendroGiver of blessings
Chaturbhujfour-armed lord
Ajayaconqueror of life and death
DeveshGod of gods
Dwarkadhishlord of Dwarka
Gopalpriyadarling of cowherd
AksharIndestructible lord
ParthasarathyArjuna’s charioteer
Gyaneshwarlord of knowledge
Jagdishprotector of all
Jayantdestroyer of all enemies
Jyotiradityain which the sun shines
Ekeshwara name of Shri Krishna
Jagannathgod of the universe
Jagadgurumaster of the universe
Bhishmamukti Pradayak
VishnuForms of Lord Vishnu
GirivarThe one who raised the Govardhan mountain
Janavone who blesses all
Madhavstore of knowledge
Karnishlord of mercy
Kiaanancient, emperor
Kanhaa name of Lord Krishna
Keshavlong, dark matted locks that
Kamalnayanwho has eyes like lotus
Madhusudanhoney-demon slayer
Mahendralord of Indra
Manoharvery handsome lord
MayurGod wearing peacock feathers on the crown
Murlilord of flute
Murlidharflute holders
Nirgunahaving no demerits
Murlidharflute holders
Murli Manoharthose who play the flute
NimayHalf, Another name for Lord Krishna
NandagopalNand Baba’s son
Narayanall who take refuge
Padmahastawho has hands like lotus
Padmanabhahaving a lotus-shaped navel
Parabrahmanabsolute truth
Paramatmalord of all beings
Param Purushgreat personality
Madansymbol of love
PrajapatiNath of all beings
Laxmikantdeity of goddess Lakshmi
Ravilochanthe eye of the sun
Sahasrakashthousand-eyed lord
Sahasrajitconqueror of thousands
Sahasrapatwho has a thousand feet
SakshiWitness of all gods
TriveshOne who knows all the three Vedas
Rishikeshgiver of all senses
SudarshanLord Krishna’s Chakra, Charming
Sarvpalakall who follow
Sarveshwarhigher than all gods
Satyavatgod of great personality
Shantahcalm minded
Shrikantmaster of amazing beauty
Shyamalblack or dark blue
Shobhitbeautiful, ornate
Shyamsundarlooking beautiful even in dark complexion
Suresamgod of all creatures
Swargpatiking of heaven
Trivikramaconqueror of the three worlds
Upendrabrother of Indra
Vaikunthnaththe inhabitants of heaven
Vardhmanahof no shape
Adityason of goddess Aditi
aarivking of wisdom and justice
AparajitOne who cannot be defeated, a great warrior
Arijitdominion, victory over enemies
Gopeshlord of gopis
Vishwakarmacreator of the universe
Vishwamurtiform of the whole universe
Vishwaroopathose who assume the form for the benefit of the universe
Vishwatmasoul of the universe
Vrishparvgod of religion
Viyansha part of Lord Krishna
Vanshidharflute holder
Vivaantalented, full of life
Vrajrajking of Vrindavan
Yadvendrahead of the Yadav dynasty
Yogichief master
Yoginampatimasters of yogis
YaduveerLord Krishna, Brave, Descendant of Yadu

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