Latest 2022 ᐅ Makar Rashi Baby Girl Names With Meaning

If you are searching for Makar Rashi Baby Girl Names With Meaning then you are at the right place. In this post, we have made a list of names of the boy associated with Capricorn. So that you do not have any problem in finding the name for your newborn baby girl.

Name Meaning of Name Gender
KhushiHappiness, Smile, Delight Girl
KhashviU/S Girl
KhushaliSpreading happiness Girl
KhushikaHappiness Girl
NameMeaning of NameGender
JyotsnaGoddess Durga, light, moonlightGirl
JyotishaLight of knowledgeGirl
JyotikaBrilliant, flame, lightGirl
JyotibalaMusic beatGirl
JwalaFire, flameGirl
JayantiWinner, goddess Parvati, celebration, flagGirl
JanakiGoddess Sita, daughter of King JanakGirl
JuhiA flower, lightGirl
JanhviRiver GangaGirl
JayaprabhaGiver of victoryGirl
JayapradaGiver of victoryGirl
JagritiAwareness, vigilanceGirl
JiaSweet nature, heartGirl
JenishaSuperior, Lord VineetGirl
JessicaGod blessGirl
Makar Rashi Baby Girl Names With Meaning
JayshreeGoddess of victoryGirl
JayaGoddess Durga, Goddess Parvati’s name, VictoryGirl
JayalalitaVictorious, goddess DurgaGirl
JayalakshmiGoddess of victoryGirl
JanishaDream nightGirl
JamunaA holy riverGirl
JaiminiTwins, an ancient philosophical siteGirl
JoyshreeHappiness, nutmegGirl
JollyCheerful, sociableGirl
NameMeaning of NameGender
GeetaSongs, poems, famous Hindu religious texts Srimad Bhagavad GitaGirl
GarimaPride, warmthGirl
GauriGoddess Parvati, magnificent, beautiful, a fair womanGirl
GautamiAnother name of Durga Ji, Godavari Devi, wife of a great sageGirl
GeetikaShort songGirl
GayatriMother of all Vedas, Goddess of Vedas, Goddess Durga, singerGirl
GeetanjaliSongs performed with dedication, collection of songsGirl
GinniGold, gold coinGirl
GaminiMoving, SilentGirl
GandhariPrincess of Gandhara, wife of DhritarashtraGirl
Gulika A pearl, ballGirl
GangaA holy river, mother of BhishmaGirl
GargiAn ancient scholar inspired to thinkGirl
GarvitaProud, proud, proudGirl
GeetSong, poem, ragaGirl
GauraGoddess Parvati, beautifulGirl
GreeshmaWarmth, A kind of weatherGirl

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