Latest 2022 ᐅ Kumbh Rashi Baby Boy Names With Meaning

If you are searching for Kumbh Rashi Baby Boy Names then you are at the right place. In this post, we have made a list of names of the boy associated with Aquarius. So that you do not have any problem in finding the name for your newborn baby boy.

NamesMeaning of NamesGender
GopendraLord Shri Krishna, lord of cowsBoy
GorakhCowherd, a Hatha yogi or saintBoy
GovindCowherd, Lord KrishnaBoy
GokulThe Place where Lord Krishna spent his childhoodBoy
GopeshLord Krishna, King of GopisBoy
GopalLord Krishna, Lord of cowsBoy
GomukhA shrine, the origin of the Ganges, the mouth of the cowBoy
GauravDignity, pride, honor, gloryBoy
GautamLord Buddha, full of life, one of the great sagesBoy

Kumbh Rashi Baby Boy Names 2022

NamesMeaning of NamesGender
SanchitCollected, accumulatedBoy
SanjayVictorious, Lord Shiva, the charioteer of DhritarashtraBoy
SankalpDetermination, intention, decisionBoy
SameerWind, Morning Smell, Shami TreeBoy
SarthakWhatever it means, meaningful, successful, usefulBoy
SwayamMyself, overallBoy
SkandFlowing, the name of Karthikeya, Lord Murgan, God of WarBoy
SaurabhFragrance, saffronBoy
Kumbh Rashi Baby Boy Names 2022
SohanBeautiful niceBoy
SomeshMoon, Lord of Soma, one of the twelve JyotirlingasBoy
ShobhitEmbellished, decorated, magnificentBoy
SatyaFaithfully, honestly, virtueBoy
SushilGood characterBoy
SuyogGood timing, ConcentrationBoy
SumantEasily known, a friendly spiritBoy
SuketuAnother name of Lord Vishnu, flag, magnificent, a Yaksha kingBoy
Sukhdev God of happinessBoy
SuteerthGood teacher, pilgrimage, lord shivaBoy
ShivamAuspicious, lucky, lord shivaBoy
ShankarLord ShivaBoy
SaranshShort, preciseBoy
Sagarsea ​, oceanBoy
SujalPure water, affectionateBoy
SahyogWorking together, sharing in workBoy
SudeshCountry, Wise, SkilledBoy
SarveshLord Shiva, Lord of allBoy
SanskarPurity, moralityBoy
SamakshNear, closeBoy
SampurnComplete, AccomplishedBoy
SamarthThe powerfulBoy
DakshTalented, capable, talented, fire, Lord Brahma
DaljeetVictory over a group, victorious army
DarshanA Hindu God, Paying Respect
DarshWorth, seeing
DarshitShown, signs, performance
DarsheelSomething that looks good and sober, Perfection
DayaramCompassionate, kind
DarpanA Mirror
DamodarLord Krishna, with a rope around the waist

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