Basic Acne Remedies

Basic Acne Remedies: Acne is a culture fair problem and it is so apparent that it can’t possibly be ignored. It is often a reason for social embarrassment and personal frustration.

The acne problem is not skin deep, rather it is the accumulation of numerous factors extending from genetics to pollution.

Home remedies for acne are very effective. Here we have some acne cures for you- Applying the orange peel on acne helps get rid of acne very fast. A mixture of unboiled milk and gram flour is a popular acne remedy.

You can also use a paste of honey and cinnamon powder. Rubbing the face politely with white and brown sugar also helps to a great extent.

Turmeric powder mixed with mint juice if applied for 30 minutes a day followed by washing it with lukewarm water can surprisingly remove acne in a few days only. Also, keep removing oil and dirt from your skin frequently.

Along with regular cleaning of your skin, proper diet precautions are to be taken care of. Oily food has to be avoided for best results.

If you want acne-free skin, you have to resist chocolates, nuts, and fried food. Isn’t it all so tempting?? We know it is but your buddies are fruits and fresh juices that can give you nice flawless skin.

Vitamin A and E rejuvenate skin tissues and bring a natural glow from inside; hence its consumption is undoubtedly valuable. Drink and drink a lot of WATER, yes it does need a spotlight for its being most beneficial for your skin.

Acne tends to reoccur. It is important that it is treated once and forever. Let’s throw more light on this and here we go with it.

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