Fascinating Nail Care Remedies

Nail Care Remedies to keep nails healthy, beautiful and shiny.

The horn-like envelopes covering the toes and fingers are called as the nails. They are made up of protein named as keratin. These nails guard the toes and fingers and help them from the injuries.

Nowadays, the nails have become the most important for all the woman especially for cosmetic and fashion reasons than for the protection. Is it really important for us to keep our nails clean? So, let us see how important is it to keep our nails clean and neat and why?


Yes, it is very much important to keep our nails clean. Cleanliness of our nails saves our nails from various types of bacteria and germs.


The best and basic way to keep our nails clean is manicure. In order to take special care of our nails, manicuring must be done at least once in a week. Now, let us get to know a few Nail Care Remedies by reading this article further


  • First and foremost important remedy-Never bite the nails.
  • Hands have to be soaked in warm water for a while and use a nail brush while washing your hands to remove all the dirt and germs.
  • Trim your nails for a better look.
  • If your nails turn yellow/whitish. This means that your nails contains fungus and so skin around nail sides should be loosened and trimmed with a nail nipper to prevent the infection from entering the skin.
  • Start manicuring the nails only once your nails are dry.
  • When your nails are completely dry apply a moisturizer to soften the cuticles and prevent the dark spots on the nails.
  • Do not produce heat to your nails as it may spoil your nails completely.
  • Applying the nail polish has to be done in an order for the fine finish and better look such as the polish has to be applied in the sides of the nail first and complete through the middle part of the nail.
  • Make sure the nail is dry completely before applying the second coat because if the first coat is takes time and dries properly the second coat complies properly as the darker shades take a lot of time to get dried.
  • Do not forget to apply the cream before sleeping to the nails and hands.

The following above remedies will definitely help you in your nail care. So, make sure you try these remedies. Hope you like it and keep your nails shinier, brighter and clean.

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