Best Foods to Eat Before a Workout

These four foods to be taken before going to the gym.

Best foods to eat before a workout there should be enough calories and carbs in your body, so that the energy remains intact for a longer time.

Keep in mind that low-fat, minor proteins and dairy products and low glycemic carbs should be taken before workouts. They will gradually keep giving energy throughout the day to fruition your blood.

Banana: – Banana is best for keeping energy long.

Why: – There are digestive carbs, which give immediate energy, which is necessary before the workout. Potassium contained in it is good for nerves and muscles.

Coffee: – If you take coffee an hour before the gym, it will also be good.

Why: – Its caffeine can workout more from you in the body. But if you have acid reflux complaint, do not take enough.

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Oats: – The most healthy food oats can also be taken before the gym.

Why: – It will maintain balance of blood pressure, as well as strengthen the heart. That is, you will be able to exercise more in the gym. If you are fond of cardio, it will help you more.

Smoothie: – Can take smoothie. Avocado, apples, strawberries, orange lamps in fruits.

Why: – The protein available from this will help in the muscles building, taking it from the gym for a few hours will keep the fullness.

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