Check your child for the ADHD symptoms

The term ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This is a kind of disorder generally seen in children and teenagers.

It’s not that adults don’t suffer from this but the numbers of adult patients are usually less in comparison with children. Children suffering from ADHD are seen with the symptoms of hyperactivity but adults may experience restlessness therefore they develop problems in relationships and employment.

Patients are usually observed that they find it difficult to concentrate and so they make careless mistakes. Their concentration is weak and they get easily disturbed by the interruption and the surroundings. If there are noises around them then they may not able to finish the task or if in case they finish it will be messy and full of careless mistakes.

Children find it difficult to finish their school work or paperwork. They may not stick to one task for too long. They usually inhabit shifting from one task to another.

Patients are also found changing topics in conversation that to quite frequently. Their listening power is weak and so you may find them not very keen on listening during a conversation. In social situations to they don’t easily follow the rules of the activities.

The symptoms of ADHD are quite clear in young children usually the ones below the age of seven. That is the reason why one can find them fidgeting when seated. They find it difficult to play quietly. One can also find them running or climbing up the stairs excessively when it is not even required.

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