Now differentiate between normal behavior and ADHD symptoms!

Children are usually referred to as troublemakers but have you ever noticed that not all children are alike. There are few who are quick to respond, who learn quickly, who understand things well, and behave decently.

There are few who act lazy, often found daydreaming, they may not able to understand simple things no matter how beautifully you explain them to them. Before you become impatient and lose your temper read the complete article to understand the reason for this difference.

ADHD abbreviated to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a kind of psychological condition where a child usually less than 7 years of age is found extra hyperactive, impulsive, and inattentive.

It does not mean that every child who is active and does not listen in one go is having ADHD. It is quite difficult to differentiate between the normal behavior of the child and the ADHD symptoms.

You need not worry unless your child doesn’t show up with more than one symptom of ADHD. Apart from the three symptoms mentioned above, there are various other symptoms that reflect ADHD.

They include fidgeting, making careless mistakes, excessive talking, and not listening. Patients are found losing day-to-day stuff and easily get distracted by extraneous stimuli.

Since ADHD is quite common in children and maximum cases are reported by the same, but that doesn’t mean that it is only seen in children. ADHD is also seen in adults. The symptoms and causes though show a slight change.

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