Don’t be panic from the Panic/anxiety attacks!

Anxiety attack commonly termed as panic attacks are inexpressible. Patients run out of their breath. They feel tightness in chest and fatigue.

So the important question is how to get this problem out of their life. With the advancement in the field of medical science, it is now possible to treat this disorder.

The cure of anxiety is classified under two main headings. They are psychological therapy and medication. It entirely depends upon the choice of treatment patient wants to avail.

Some patients claim that they got advantages from one or the other mode of treatments. There are pros and cons for both kinds of treatments. Here we will explain you both the kinds of treatments.

When a patient is diagnosed with the anxiety attack, usually he/she is referred initially for the psychological treatment first and results prove that this first step of treatment is so effective in maximum cases that the patient need not reach up to the second stage of treatment which is medication.

Psychological treatment is based on the condition of human brain and behavior. It is based on the events related to present and past that could have left some kind of effect on patient’s health.

Generally after the psychological check up, patients are subjected to medication. This medication varies from patient to patient. Few courses are short term based and others could stretch over a long duration of time.

It is seen that medication could even have some side effects therefore if any such thing is observed, patient should immediately consult a health expert.

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