Sometimes, General Problems Are Lot More Than ‘General’!

In this fast world, sometimes, it becomes very difficult to find time for yourself. You get so busy that you start ignoring yourself. But that ignorance can be life taking.

Yes, I mean it. Don’t be scared, as I don’t intend to scare you. I just wanted to share the truth.

We all know that pain in nipples is a common problem. There are many women who face this pain very often. However, very few of them rush to their doctors immediately, which isn’t a very positive indication.

Do you know that pain in the nipples is a prominent symptom of breast cancer? And this pain gets started weeks after one has adopted this disease.

This doesn’t just go with nipple pain. Alike pain in nipples, there are several other general physical problems, which can be lot more than what they seem. I’ve mentioned few of the general problems, which can be signs of breast cancer:

Breast swelling
Swelled armpit
Discharge from nipples
Retracted nipples

These are the most common signs of breast cancer. If you or any of your known has experienced any of these, then immediately get yourself checked by some experts.

Another point that I’d like to put forward is that breast cancer is such a disease, which doesn’t show any intense symptom initially, so if you find even a bit of any of the above signs, rush to a doctor.

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