Exercises Can Really Take Your Jump Higher

Say football, basketball, baseball or running or cycling, Exercising is an integral part of any sports. High jump is not an exception.

Exercises for jumping higher can be beneficial to a person looking out to make a name in high jumping. There are some exercises that one can perform to attain perfection in this high jump.

Before you start any exercise to jump higher, do not forget to warm up your body and muscles. Stretch out and jog for a while. Then you can start up with the major workout.

A deep knee bends jump is first on our list. For this stand, then bend down almost touching your bottom to the ground, then pull yourself up as high as you can.

When you are back to the first position, crouch and then launch back again. You may perform this 15 times initially and then extend it to 20 or 30. Next we have Toe raises.

For this, standstill, and slowly raise yourself up on the tip of toes. Then slowly get back to the previous position. Go slow and steady. Repeat the same pattern 30 to 45 times.

Let’s now consider toe raises with weights. It is similar to toe raises, but here you use some weighted object. But don’t use heavy objects. Keep it between 5 to 10 pounds.

You can also do Stomach crunches. Do these for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. Last but not the least, jumping rope really helps a vertical leap. So these jump higher workouts will turn out to be very beneficial if you add these in your routine.

Now get going but if you want to read more on jump training exercises, click here.

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