Tips And Suggestions To Jump Higher

Many sports require its players to jump high. Players with good height tend to perform better in this act, but with some important tips mentioned here every player will have the capability to perform better.

One must understand that the basic need or prerequisite for high jumps is to strengthen your leg muscles. The important exercises to jump higher targets your leg muscles and makes them stronger.

One of the drills commonly done is the power skipping. This technique is like skipping but without a rope. The player performing this act needs to stand on a leveled ground, then like skipping he lifts his right leg and tries to touch his knee to his chest while keeping the other leg firmly on the ground.

The next step in exercise is to lift the left leg and do the same. This two step exercise if performed slowly at the beginning and gradually the speed is increased.

The reason it is called power skipping is that the sports person performing this exercise do it at a high speed and with energy that resembles skipping.

The exercise is very helpful to strengthen your muscles that will further aid you to jump higher. The second exercise is the “4-star” drill. The aim of this exercise is to increase your vertical and improve your horizontal jumps.

The player imagines 4 corners of a square in front of him/her. He names them accordingly (say, 1, 2, 3 and 4). Standing at point one the player jumps to point two with both his feet joined and then to the horizontally located point three, and then from three to point four that lies backwards and from four to the starting point.

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