Have You Taken The First Strides Into Beauty Of Motherhood?

Women are the epitome of flawless divine engineering; they hold the exclusive right to experience a new life growing within and without. The feeling of motherhood goes far deeper than the feeling of fatherhood, and any honest man will second this opinion.

If you’re are feeling a void in your life due to the absence of a child, and are anxious to know whether you are pregnant, below are some signs and symptoms that may indicate that a baby is on the way:

Changes In Nipples

The imprints of early pregnancy are evident in the nipples. Once conception is certified, the areas around your nipples adopt a dark tinge, implying that the milk ducts are laying the groundwork for lactation. However, other factors that play a crucial role in the change of nipple color- hormonal issues included- cannot be set aside.

Change In Eating Habits

A sudden increase in the inclination towards sweet and sour foods may well point towards conception, but there are no hard and bound rules in this regard. Like fashion tastes, our food habits undergo alteration as we grow up. Though new-found, heightened food inclinations might be an indication of a successful conception, unless confirmed by a doctor, you can never be so sure.

Visiting The Toilet More Than Before

During the early stages of conception, the urinary bladder works overtime in an over-stimulated state, triggered by temporary disturbances in the body. If you are visiting the toilet more than before and are disturbed by a regular urge to urinate, it may point towards early pregnancy.

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Abnormal Behavior Of Taste Buds

Some women are perplexed by a steely flavor in their mouth, and may also become unwelcoming of flavors of strong beverages like coffee.

Conception Bleeding and Pain

When the egg places itself into the womb, slight tenderness may be experienced coupled with an increase in the volume of bleeding.

Increase In Breast Sensitivity

The breasts plump up a slight degree and are more sensitive to touch. These are indications of your body slowly getting in tune with the constitutional changes summoned by pregnancy.


You may feel spent out of physical energy due to a sudden splurge in the level of progesterone. You may feel so tired at times that getting out of bed may become a huge burden. If you are bogged down by unexplained fatigue, arrange a meeting with a doctor to know if the experience of tiredness is due to undetected pregnancy.

A Period Not Showing Up

If your periods have been uninhibited and all of a sudden a period does not show up on the due date, it may well point towards conception.

The Awkward Dawns

Upon waking up, you may feel a bit giddy and may throw up on occasions.

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