Hemorrhoids Treatment- Internal Hemorrhoids and External Hemorrhoids

What are Hemorrhoids? This is the name given to the swollen veins in the anal canal. This is a very painful as well as serious disease.

Basically, there are two types of hemorrhoids such as Internal Hemorrhoids and External Hemorrhoids. Both of them are very painful and irritating.

Hemorrhoids are treated as the internal hemorrhoids if veins are swollen inside the canal. If they are swollen near the opening of the anus, they are considered as external hemorrhoids.

The worst part is that one can have both of them at the same time. Treatment depends on which type you’re suffering with. Before we talk about treatment for internal and external hemorrhoids, let’s see what may cause hemorrhoids.

The very cause of hemorrhoids is too much pressure on the veins in the pelvic and rectal area. Pregnancy is also one of the causes of hemorrhoids.

Diarrhea and constipation may also increase pressure on the anal canal and result in hemorrhoids. Obesity and overweight are also considered as one of its causes.

If you ask me about the symptoms of internal and external hemorrhoids- these are itching; bleeding during bowel movements and rectal pain.

Treatments for internal and external hemorrhoids are different from each other as their nature varies from one and other.

Internal hemorrhoids treatment helps in managing and reducing the hemorrhoid symptoms. External hemorrhoids treatment is for those who are suffering this very painful type of hemorrhoids.

Go here to read about the treatments for Internal and external hemorrhoids.

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