Hindu baby girl names with H with meaning

Keeping in mind that the first letter of the name is very important, we have made a list of Hindu baby girl names with H. To make it easier for you to find a name for your dear baby girl.

When the baby girl is born, it is said that Lakshmi ji is in the house. From parents to family members, everyone has no place to be happy. And everyone starts calling the newborn by their respective names.

But it is a way to show everyone’s love. The real test begins when the girl’s name search begins.

Every parent wants their beloved name to be very cute and different. Which is also easy to call and has a very good meaning.

In view of these problems, we have made a list of girls names starting with H. Which will make it easier for you to find your baby girl’s name. And you can choose a girl name with its meaning.

If you like any of the names in this list. So please be sure to tell us what name it is by writing it in a comment. And share this list with your friends.

List of Hindu girls names starting with H

Name Meaning of Name Gender
Hansika Swan, beautiful Girl
Hanshika Swan or pretty lady Girl
Harda Lake, pond Girl
Hanita Goddess grace Girl
Hans Nandini Name of a raga Girl
Hanisha beautiful night Girl
Haripriya Another name for Lakshmi Girl
Harimala Vishnu’s rosary Girl
Hershika Joyful Girl
Hershida Happy Girl
Hemani Winter Girl
Hemapushpika With small golden flowers Girl
Hema Malini Wreath with gold Girl
Hema Beautiful woman, earth Girl
Hemali Coated with gold Girl
Hemavati Keep gold Girl
Hemavani Golden words Girl
Hershini Happy Girl
Harsh happiness Girl
Harshada Giver of joy Girl
Harsha Joy Girl
Harshita Sanand Girl
Hasika Smiling Girl
Hasita Full of laughter Girl
Hasumati Always laughs Girl
Harshali happiness Girl
Hima Snow, winter, night Girl
Himanshi Ice Girl
Himadri Snow mountain Girl
Himani Snow, another name for Parvati Girl
Hansawati A tantra god Girl
Hansuja Goddess Lakshmi Girl
Hayamukhi Horse face Girl
Harika Goddess Parvati Girl
Harini experience Girl
Harini Green Girl
Haripriya Goddess Lakshmi Girl
Harishree God Girl
Himali cold as ice Girl
Himawati Like snow Girl
Himasuta Daughter of snow Girl
Hita Loveable Girl
Hitaishi well wisher Girl
Himgauri Parvati Girl
Himja Another name for the son of snow, Parvati Girl
Hemlata Golden vine Girl
Hemangi Golden body Girl
Hemakshi Golden eyes Girl
Hemagni Goddess Parvati Girl
hejal The fruit Girl
Hatika Sun rays Girl
Hemanti Shines like gold Girl
Hemkanta The golden Girl
We hope you liked one of the baby girl names with H. If you have chosen any of these names for your child, then what is that name?
Please tell us by commenting, in addition, if you want to suggest any name, then do write to us.
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