Latest Hindu girl names starting with i (2020)

Keeping in mind that the first letter of the name is very important, we have made a list of Hindu girl names starting with i. To make it easier for you to find a name for your dear baby girl.

When the baby girl is born, it is said that Lakshmi ji is in the house. From parents to family members, everyone has no place to be happy. And everyone starts calling the newborn by their respective names.

But it is a way to show everyone’s love. The real test begins when the girl’s name search begins.

Every parent wants their beloved name to be very cute and different. Which is also easy to call and has a very good meaning.

In view of these problems, we have made a list of girls names starting with i. Which will make it easier for you to find your baby girl’s name. And you can choose a girl name with its meaning.

If you like any of the names in this list. So please be sure to tell us what name it is by writing it in a comment. And share this list with your friends.

List of Hindu girl names starting with I

Name Meaning of Name Gender
Indra Goddess Lakshmi Girl
Indu Moon Girl
Indu Rekha A creeper Girl
Indra Kanta Indrani Girl
Indra Priya Blue lotus Girl
Indra Bala Daughter of indra Girl
Indrabha Light of indra Girl
Indrayani Wife of indra Girl
Indrashakti Energy of indra Girl
Iksha vision Girl
Iccha desire Girl
Icchit Desired Girl
Icchumati A river Girl
Iti Arrival Girl
Itika Endless Girl
Ida this moment Girl
Indukala Moon phases Girl
Indu Kanata Sweet night of the moon Girl
Induja Another name for the moon’s daughter Narmada River Girl
Indu Prabha Moon rays Girl
Indumati Full moon, fair Girl
Induma The moon Girl
Indumukhi Face with moon like Girl
Ira Speech, earth Girl
Iravati Lightning, Ravi River Girl
Irisha Speech Girl
Ila Earth, speech Girl
Ilina Pure Girl
Ilisha Queen of the earth Girl
Ivanshi Equality Girl
Ishana Goddess Durga Girl
Iswari Goddess Parvati Girl
Isha Goddess Parvati Girl
Ishani Goddess Durga Girl
Ishani Goddess Parvati Girl
Ishanya East Girl
Ishika An arrow Girl
Ishita Desired, superiority Girl
Isi Another name for Goddess Durga Girl
Iswargeeta Songs of god Girl
Iswapreet Beloved of god Girl
Ishmita the personality Girl
Indu Kala Moon digit Girl
Indra Mohini Indra fascinated Girl
Indra Sena The eldest of the Pandavas, Indra’s army Girl
Indumati full moon Girl
Ikshita N/A Girl
We hope you liked one of the Hindu girl names starting with i. If you have chosen any of these names for your child, then what is that name?
Please tell us by commenting, in addition, if you want to suggest any name, then do write to us.
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