It Wasn’t Easy To Get Rid Of Tinnitus !

I used to be a DJ. I chose this profession because I have had a flair for music since always. I remember since my childhood I wanted to stay with music all the time.

DJ was an apt profession for me. But I wasn’t fortunate enough to continue it for long and I resigned just after six months of joining and got myself another job.

Wondering why?

My profession required me to stay in loud music all the time. This brought tinnitus to me. Tinnitus is an overhearing disorder, in which the suffer listens to sounds that do not exist.

Well, this may sound funny to a few of you, just like a few of my friends. But experiencing it is not at all funny. It is one of the worst disorders one may ever get.

I remember I could never sleep easily during the times I was troubled by this disorder. I used to wake up all of a sudden at night believing there’s some noise in the dining area, or sometimes the digital beep sound. I was going crazy. People started making fun of my disorder. I was really p***ed off.

When a consulted an expert, he advised me to quit my job explain that consistent exposure to loud music got me this disorder. He did also give me few pills and prepared a diet plan for me.

He did also ask me to start working out daily. I continued this for about a month and then noticed that I am no more troubled by the disorder.

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