Treat Your Tinnitus !

Tinnitus is a Latin word that means to ring. This is a disorder in which the patient hears a sound in one or both ears. These sounds could be hissing, roaring, clicking, etc.

This disorder usually is followed by loss of balance, dizziness, and anxiety. There could be a difference in the volume of these sounds heard. It may vary from patient to patient.

There is a number of therapies that are used for the treatment of tinnitus. In several cases, allopathic treatment is also helpful but here we are going to suggest to you some home based treatments for tinnitus.

A slight improvement in the diet can improve a patient’s condition. Consume pineapple in your diet. Pineapple is very effective in reducing inflammation thereby decreasing this problem.

Similarly, garlic is found of much importance in the treatment of tinnitus. Kelp and sea vegetables are also being used for ages in treating tinnitus from ages.

Here presenting a treatment that is found quite effective. Mix a teaspoon of salt in a teaspoon of glycerin followed by mixing this in a pint of warm water.

Fill this mixture into a nasal spray bottle. Apply this solution in your nostrils and keep on doing so unless you don’t start feeling its taste down your throat.

You can even apply this mixture down your throat. Glycerin is believed to have a warm after effect on the body. It is also used in various other treatments.

Tinnitus is curable so a patient suffering from it should not panic, just stay back calm and treat it well.

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