Do You Stay Worried?

Do you stay worried? Or know anyone who stays bothered all the time, no matter how normal the situation is?

If yes is the answer then you must read this post. I have a friend named Twiggy. He has been worried all his life! He wasn’t happy when got his first car (he was anxious about its papers), neither was he pleased when he got married (then he was bothered about the guests) and nor when he became a father (then he was concerned about the medical bills). Huh!

I always considered him an idiot. But I had to change this thinking last week when both of us went to a doctor, who told us that Twiggy has a biological disorder.

What the f***?

He called it ‘anxiety disorder’. He defined it for us. He said that it is a disorder that keeps you bothered no matter how happy the situation is.

He said that if you are suffering from this disorder, you will find one or the other reason for staying worried, which is exactly what my friend has been doing since always.

He also added that fatigue and inability to concentrate are also some other bad effects of this disorder. When I asked Twiggy about this, he nodded his head positively and said yes, I’ve been experiencing these as well.

Since last week, he is being treated by the doctor. The doctor has assured us that soon this disorder will be under control.

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