Stop being afraid of anxiety!

Anxiety disorders generally refer to any kind of pathological fear. Generally, it is seen that people use anxiety and fear interchangeably.

Anxiety is a disorder that involves an unpleasant mental-emotional state which usually develops from an unknown medium and fear develops from known reasons.

Anxieties are not merely fears but are a kind of panic attack that occurs. Anxiety disorder or anxiety attacks can be classified under four subheadings that include generalized anxiety, physical symptoms, physical tensions, and dissociative anxiety. The level of fear varies from patient to patient. Some get simple nervousness while others suffer from bouts of fears.

It is seen that anxiety develops after a certain age or immediately after the triggering of some event. There could be certain situations in life when a person becomes deeply affected and suffers from anxiety from that particular time.

Anxiety disorders arise from stress. This stress could originate from the workplace; financial worries, some kind of chronic illness. There are various tests that prove the level of anxiety in patients. One such method includes standardized screening clinical questionnaires like Zung Self-Rating Anxiety Scale. Treatment of varying degrees of anxiety varies.

Patients suffering from anxiety sometimes suffer from a strange kind of nervousness. The crowd around them or from any specific kind of color or anything else for that matter can scare them. That feeling of getting scared is related to anxiety disorder.

Anxiety attacks are curable. There are two kinds of treatments that are followed. First is the psychological treatment that involves bringing out this fear and its elimination through questionnaires and second is the treatment through medication.

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